3 Tips for Starting Your Own Firm (And Getting Shit Done)

Beat overwhelm, transform your life, and become a taskmaster with the Powerhouse Brain dump workbook! [00:00] This Powerhouse Lawyer episode we are speaking with Karalynn Cromeens. [04:33] Karalynn is sharing her experience of making the law work for her. Starting with tracking down her own family's money. [08:17] As she got good at being an on demand lawyer for construction companies, that also came with working in a fairly male dominant industry. Getting very specific about work expectations and boundaries has become her superpower. [17:34] But what about learning to work with the new generation of lawyers? Turns out, money isn’t everything for the baby lawyers passing the bar. [27:45] As Karalynn works toward being one of few attorneys doing construction law, we talk about next steps [32:05] before wrapping up with her Legally Blonde Moment. [34:24]

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3 Tips for Starting Your Own Firm (And Getting Shit Done)
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