How This Former Lawyer Reinvented His Career in His San Francisco Apartment

This week on the Powerhouse Lawyers podcast, I connected with guest Drew Amoroso! [06:05] Lawyer turned innovator for legal professional development. Like so many of us, Drew’s story isn’t without overcoming a massive identity shift [13:07]. As lawyers we tend to wrap our entire being around our profession. Drew shares some of his practical steps to help in his identity transition. Believe it or not, therapy played a huge role in his growth [20:50] along with something called Emotional Freedom Technique. It was this personal growth that helped Drew launch Due Course [27:00]. Due Course is revolutionizing the way we practice, especially for first-year lawyers [35:12]. If you didn’t know, we are change makers [46:00] lawyers are increasingly being positioned as leaders and community builders. Finally, we finish up with Drew’s Legally Blonde moment. [50:15] Dolly Parton, I think we’ve found your body double for your next movie!

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How This Former Lawyer Reinvented His Career in His San Francisco Apartment
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