The Power of Community, Coaching, and Not Doing Everything Yourself

This week on the Powerhouse Lawyers podcast we have one of our very own! Elizabeth Milian is an Intellectual Property attorney [06:19] She shares her journey into law having only started law school at 30 years old. Elizabeth attributes her success and go-getter attitude largely to community and coaching. Can I just go on record saying I told y’all so?! In fact, she and her husband took the leap into firm ownership just last year because when you see what’s possible, you get to work. The transition [16:28] was a little bit of a rollercoaster, but again through coaching and connecting with other like minded professionals, Elizabeth has eased her way into this new version of leadership. Not to mention still handling being a mama! Her greatest advice for herself and other lawyers just starting out: don’t rush. [33:39] Before we get into Elizabeth’s Legally Blonde moment [46:05], she offers some tangible tips for more established lawyers that are looking to pivot in their career and take the plunge into something new. [42:35]


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The Power of Community, Coaching, and Not Doing Everything Yourself
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