3 Keys to Creating a Law Firm that Stands Out

Get access to the luxury retreat, coaching calls, and mastermind networking with Powerhouse Elite! Details below. [00:00] This week, we welcome Laura Ramos James to the podcast! Laura brings the unique experience of migrating to the United States from Mexico. [04:48] As many of us do, Laura made the leap into law firm ownership. [11:21] If you didn’t know, the train stops from lawyer to owner is quite a bumpy ride. Laura details the mindset shifts and daily reminders that helped her stay focused and motivated while building. [17:14] To make things a tiny bit more challenging, she became a mom! [23:38] But hold on, Laura was one of few that didn’t slingshot her way into the entrepreneurial journey. She shares how she made that transition with grace and [26:01] is now intentionally cultivating a positive office culture. [35:08] Laura’s Legally Blonde Moment did not disappoint! At least she still got the job! [37:41] Get into the Powerhouse Lawyer Facebook group to jumpstart your community! [40:21]


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3 Keys to Creating a Law Firm that Stands Out
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