Unmute Yourself: How to Silence Doubt, Find Your Voice, and Claim Your Seat at the Table

This week’s Powerhouse Lawyers episode, we have the opportunity to unmute ourselves with guest Nancy Medoff! [01:28] Nancy is on a mission to dismantle negative narratives and empower women. She came to the right place! We get a peak into Nancy's personal journey to "unmute herself," pivot, and resign from her corporate job. [06:11] Stepping into your power means speaking up, engaging in positive self-talk, reversing negative self-narratives, and overcoming the feeling of being an imposter. [10:14] Best thing yet, Nancy shows us how all of this works in real time with a live coaching session with yours truly! [17:43] We tackle a lot of barriers to success, but are still expected to be just as impressive as our counterparts. Your launch into life starts with confidence! [24:27] Then we sound off with Nancy’s Legally Blonde Moment. Everyone likes a good office meme, right? [31:21]

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Unmute Yourself: Speak Up to Stand Out https://a.co/d/ghUGDlH

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (Netflix Special) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUHMZf3qwsQ

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Unmute Yourself: How to Silence Doubt, Find Your Voice, and Claim Your Seat at the Table
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