Ditch the Restrictive Legal Narrative and Discover Your Ideal Career Blueprint

Get access to the luxury retreat, coaching calls, and mastermind networking with Powerhouse Elite! Details below. [00:00] In this Powerhouse Lawyer episode, we connect with Adriana Paris on: asking for opportunities, not being afraid of rejection, and evaluating personal values and priorities to make career decisions. [04:41] Adriana starts the conversation with her journey to law school [07:15] before getting into a reality that we all know too well – people management and difficult bosses [13:52]. What happens when your external success doesn’t match the internal? [19:53] Here’s your answer: create your Ideal Job Blueprint [29:29]! Once you develop a starting point for your career, the hard work begins. Productivity, setting boundaries that you actually enforce, coaching, time management, and community that helps you gain clarity and make positive change [40:51]. Finally, we close with Adriana’s Legally Blonde Moment! Bring on the fur babies! [52:06] Get into the Powerhouse Lawyer Facebook community to jumpstart your community! [54:22]


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Ditch the Restrictive Legal Narrative and Discover Your Ideal Career Blueprint
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