How to Embrace Being a Beginner & Start Your Own Firm

Join the Powerhouse Elite membership community. Your access to the luxury retreat, coaching calls, and networking opportunities is just around the corner! [00:00] We are never short on inspiring stories that kick us into gear, running after the life we deserve. Today’s guest, Karly Wannos reminds us to push past the fear to do it anyway.  [02:43] Karly shares her journey into law. Her reluctance, experience in big law, and belief that she can just do law better. [6:18] But, let’s talk about the day to day of business ownership. Being a lawyer and an entrepreneur are completely different ball games! [11:15] So, how do you stay consistent while playing the long game of business? [15:42] Karly supports business owners and HR professionals with courses and training in employment law. [25:59] Which is just one of the ways she is working to dramatically improve the legal world. The Powerhouse ladies are becoming game changers! [32:29] And before we wrap it up, Karly does not hop off the mic without her Legally Blonde Moment. True to fashion, it involves yours truly! [35:58] Before you head out, let me help you beat overwhelm, transform your life, and become a taskmaster with the Powerhouse Brain dump workbook! [40:40]

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The relentless demands of the profession often leave even the most accomplished legal minds feeling like they're drowning. It doesn't Have to be this way, that's why I created the
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How to Embrace Being a Beginner & Start Your Own Firm
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